Ive got a fork in my problem lol.

As your aware im doing quiet a few jobs on my vf to improve the steering and braking, so i need your help. Well i have an original honda vf1000f manual and im not so sure if its giving me the right measurements at all, to be honest i think thats the problem with my wobble because the Bol d’or is the heavest of all the models and it might need a little exstra in the forks. Well thats my theory[;)][;)]. I havnt got £35 for a f2f manual and if any one can have a look for the correct levels i would be very greatful, well thats if you have a f2f manual. Also all in all there are 3 washers missing from both front forks (they sit on top and on the bottom of the long spacer that goes onto of the spring. I know i havnt lost them because im a little perfectionist when it comes to riding smooth [}:)].

the vf1000fe manual states:-
Right leg 380cc
Left leg 400cc
Fork spring free length 413.8mm (service limit 405.5mm)
It also states that the oil level should should be 230mm from the top of the tube in both legs. This is with the leg compressed and no spring installed.

Interestingly the later manual covering the entire Vf1000f/f2f states:-
Right leg 455cc
Left leg 475cc
Fork spring free length 377.3mm (service limit 370mm)
And makes no mention of the oil level from the top of the tube.

Anybody have any other info on this??


Nice very nice, Im over the moon when there is a happy ending lol, So that could of been the problem all along with the bad wobbles. The spring lenght is bob on so thats not a problem. You know what, ill bet my bike rides totally different now. Thanks for the info i have a smile cheek to cheek now.