Just pressed the Buy It Now...

Dear all, I just bought that candy red VF1000 FE from e-bay. I did the BIN for £1050, what do you think lads ? Charlie

fair play to you mate,thats what i think[^]


Thank you, I recently found my old photo’s of both my vf1000’s that I owned in the mid eighties,both came from Doble Motorcycles,the guy that still has my old candy red C422 BYK currently does not want to sell it, i’d love to have my old bike back, I first owned it in 1985 when I was 21 years old…I’m 47 now. A work friend has a mint candy red with only 8,000 miles, he won’t sell it so I am looking forward to getting back into VF1000’s with my “new” bike.

Bike arrived today. It’s mot’ed till next September and has five months tax. The guy has just serviced it and put a set of Avons on her. I’m just going to “run” a spanner around it for my own satisfaction, you can’t be to careful i’ve learnt over the years.

get some photos up then chuck[;)]

How do I post pictures on the forum please ?

I had my eye on that, it looks great, if I hadn’t already got my fixer upper I would have gone for it.As far as the price goes, well it looks great so as long as it goes great then its a bargain, I got mine in a state for 600 and now after loads of time and tlc and another 600 it looks great and goes great but I am under no illusions that I have reached the bottom of the total spend yet but it realy is a nice bike now and am well pleased, It sits with my other bikes now but it feels more special than those coz I fixed it up and its like having an old friend back after 20 years. You have a nice bike there, enjoy.

Check out the “sticky” in the gallery section of the forum for instructions on how to post pics.[8D]

Sorry about the miserable face, I was caught unaware by my daughter :slight_smile:

hi charlie, the vf looks like its in good original condition, if it runs as good as it looks, you should’ent have many problems with that.

Nice bike in the best colours,hope you enjoy it.

Thanks lads, the guy had just serviced it and put a new pair of boots on. It sounds and rides lovely. I’m hoping my original bike from the 80’s will be coming my way soon, I spoke to the guy who’s got it now and he’s considering selling.

I went out for the first ride this morning on the old girl. She had a slight misfire for the first 5 miles at low throttle openings, this cleared and she is now running fine. I forgot how easy to ride these big V fours are, it’s been 20 years since my last one of these, they really are a joy to ride. Anyway I put 50 miles on her, I think she can’t have been used for a while, as the bike really loosened up. By the end of the ride it was a different machine.

I’ve been out putting a few miles on the bike, to and from work about 20 miles each way, really good fun going into London, these bike still have amazing grunt, especially around own. I picked up another FE in bits today from a lovely guy just outside of Portsmouth. I went down in my VW Passat saloon…and got the whole bike in the car in bits…his face was a picture seeing a saloon car pull up on his drive.

Hi Charlie, wish mine looked that nice, what are the roads like over there? still saving up to pay for fines ($353 paid today $93 pay Thursday) and rego and then i’m off to punch the bitch-o-mine [:D][:D][:D] oh happy days to come.

The roads are generally okay, just to much traffic on the roads really…and the dreaded speed cameras. I live in Kent, you can still “give it some” if you’re careful. I’m having a good look at the bike I bought in bits, probably a good time to restore the thing as it’s totally stripped down.