Just saying hi! 👋🏼

Morning Guys!

Matt here! New to the group and new to owning an iconic classic as well. Just waiting to take delivery of my 1985 VF1000RF and can’t wait.

I’ve always been on new sports bikes and wanted a welcome change plus owning such an amazing looking bike with character appealed to me. I hope it won’t be character like an old Ducati where it lives in the garage more than on the road.

Any top tips with the basics of the bike, things you wished you knew early or any advice is appreciated.

One request-in need of a new battery and trickle charger. Recommendations of an upgraded battery and trickle charger to keep it in tip top condition???

I’m in Kent and will hopefully be out on the bike soon!!


Quite afew people,including myself, use Motobatt AGM batteries but any AGM battery will do the job. Unless your bike has an alarm there really is no need for a trickle charger. Neither of my bikes need it.

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Thanks for the pointer. My new battery will be here tomorrow!! No alarm fitted so I’ll leave the trickle charger for winter.

Any other top tips?

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Experience from my first FF (bought new in 1987) is one of starting it after a long winter lay up.

Simple fact is it wouldn’t. The battery was flattened trying, too.

For reasons best known to itself, once the battery had been flattened trying to start it (with appropriate breaks for starter cooling), jumping it off the car battery resulted in almost instant starting.

Subsequent starts were always fine.

When I queried this with the dealer at the time they reckoned it was normal behaviour, would you believe?

To obviate this issue, I started it every couple of weeks and let it run for about 5 minutes. By doing that it would always start first push.

As a matter of interest, do any of the gurus out there have any ideas why it would behave like that? I’m keen to avoid it with my current one when it finally arrives in the UK…