Just thought I'd drop in!

Hi Guy’s,
Been awhile since I’ve been here and I see a few changes have been made…[:0] And I like them…[:D]
Well I had a change in life with a new partner, health problems and work changes since I was here last.
Getting everything back together now and Pulling the old VF1000FE/RE out of semi retirement for club registration and possibly a few rides if the old girl holds together.
Did a lot of damage putting her on the race tracks for a few track ride days and will have to upgrade or rebuild the rear shocker, along with the front fork seals. The motors using oil and blowing black smoke under exceleration, and the biggest problem is the non starting due to poor spark. Seems to be turning over & over firing but won’t burst into life for some reason. Battery is good, fuel is new not stale from sitting, but very weak spark when checking plugs.
Well wont bore you until I cant get her going…[;)]
Catch ya round.

G’day Paul,

You wouldn’t by chance have a brother who lives in Winchelsea in Victoria who sold a VF 1000 a couple of years ago ? If so i’m the bloke who bought it !


Hi Bluey,

I don’t have a brother but I did sell a VF1000FE to a guy down that way who was riding it back and forward to work at Leongatha (Gippsland). It was the red/black & white color but don’t know if he painted it or not. He did ring me about 12 months after I sold it and he said he had oil problems due to not checking the oil and it ran low and got hot. He wanted to know if I wanted it back. ???
So don’t know if he fixed it and sold it or what, Is yours the same color?
I also bought one from Corio (Geelong) and it ended up having the VF1000RE motor in it.
So hows your bike going anyway? Need anything I have a spare motor with 40,000kms on it original if your interested and a lot of other bits I want to get rid of. Drop me an email to : paulf1961@hotmail.com