Just thought I'd say Hi!

Hi guy’s,
Thought I’d drop in but every time I log on this place is dead!
I’m thinking you VF people must have a heat wave over there as well and are still out riding your bikes being too busy to go on this web site.[:D]

Were just having a bit of a heat wave over here in Australia at the moment as the temp is getting up over the 43 deg Celceus for the past two weeks (118F in your scale)and it’s too hot to ride and enjoy it.

So while your enjoying your frosts and snow and misrable weather, think of us poor buggers who cant ride cause it’s too hot to ride any distance with out crisping up like a potatoe crisp.[}:)]

TIM IF YOU READ THIS Send over a few boxes of cold snow with the radiator will ya just to keep my stubby of beer cold enough to drink…

Hi Paul
Here in Iceland where I live I have about 35 cm of snow, also my bike is all over my garage and in many pieces.
Soon I will start to put it all together again so it will be ready in the spring time.
Never the less this site is dead like you say I look in here every day but I nearly never write anything.
Gunnart Már

Hi Paul,
currently snowing and about -5 degrees C.
Vf1000F2 rebuild waiting parts and better weather befor spraying.
VF1000Fe waiting for exhaust to be re-fitted and fitting of DRP top end oiling kit.

No heating in garage so things will have to wait a week or two.
Good excuse for staying in house with a whiskey!


Hello, Paul
Here in Finland about like in Iceland: 30-40 cm of snow, but great skiing weathers : ) Nordic skiing is cheapest (not easiest, though) way to make power-weight ratio in better direction. VF750S is getting in one piece again, hopefully can try to start it next week, a little backdraw with new, but leaking O-ring (top end of chromed coolant pipe), but it is getting there. After that updating the suspension, rear tyre and chains for VF1000F2, just ordered Hagons from UK, thanks to low Pound.
How much snow you wish, a container ? I can organize, you pay transport.

Hi Pal, hi VF , Hi jinx, hi dnapekko…don’t bloody give up guys…It’s as quiet as a bloody morgue here I know…I haven’t posted for a bit because for some reason, even though logged on, everytime I tried to post it told me I couldn’t untiol I was logged on…Today I hope it’ will post

Paullllre the radiator mate…[:I]…I believe there may be some forthcoming news on the matter…

Watch this space…

My progress/…With this weather and a cold garage I too have stayed indoors, trying to Master PS2 GT4, Nurburgring…I have just got a lap in under 9 minutes without crashing my Aston Martin Vantage.
Yesterday I even managed to saty in sight of the other cars untiul the “Carousel”…O.K., O.K. yea its sad I know…[8D]

I have just “won” a full front fairing off Evil Bay…dont know if any of you guys saw it…I watched it once…said there was nothing wrong with it…original R/W/B colours and screen too…It didn’t sell the 1st time…Second time 'round I watched it and in the end won the bugger for I think it was £55…may have been £60.

Item duly arrived from Cornwall…had a quick look and fine…then when I decided to unpack properley and polish up and fit I found that there was a crack at the side of and just below the windscreen/above the headlight…and the paint I really dont think is original either.Also the bottom connecting lug that bolts one half to the other just above the headlighthas been bloody hacksawed off !!!

So all in all it needs plastic welding and repainting…which aint what I particularly had in mind or expected…Phoned the guy up…I didn’t expect or get offered anything other than a good price on anything else I may buy off him! but I gave him an earful…“Sorry mate it looked O.K. to me” I’m afraid is a load of bollox whther an individual or a fookin dealer…Evil Bay eh?..too bloody right…

Just cos the place is dead here don’t stop visiting…I have learned a hell of a lot of stuff here thanks to all the contributors…[8D][8D]

hi paul,jinx,vf crazy,dnapekko and scarlet pimpernelle tim,the snows just about gone here, hope the weathers gonna start improving soon.not had much time for vf last few months as ive bought a kawa zzr 1100 to play on.however been in garage this aft and had the vf started…every thing sounds ok, still not sorted the intermitent electrical fault yet… tomorrows another day.

ps.philjo… did you manage to sort the intermitent fault you had?

tim…was gonna ask if you’d got any paint on bike yet?..think not

Progress with the babysabre: it started today, first time after disassembly in autumn 2007. Great. Now I put my BolD’or on lift, and begin to work with springs, chains, rear tyre and rear shock absorber. Nex summer to Baltic trip with totally updated suspension.

vf pete…I’ve done fook all to the plastics yet…Winter is such a bitch isn’t it…

Paul FINDLAY…CAN YOU HERE ME?..any news?

I sent the radiator 2 months ago now…with a bottle of Old Peculiar Beer stashed away inside…Have you got it yet?..I hope there aint been a mishap…the beer was double and treble wrapped in bubble wrap and small pieces of foam and in several plastic bags…I hope to Christ ya got it cos the postage cost a fookin fortune…hence the delay…

Hey, I’m back and posting…well I think I am…I wont know until I post this and if it doesn’t show then that means it hasn’t posted but then you wouldn’t know that would you cos if it wasn’t posted then you wouldn’t have anything to read to tell you that I have or have not posted…ferk I’m off for a lie down…

ZZR 1100…nice one Pete…

hi tim,nice to here from you,and yes winter is a bitch…its that time when you realy ought to be doing somthing constructive in the garage,but never seem to get round to it…never mind it’ll soon be summer.

the vf needs a new right hand fork leg and seal before it will pass an m.o.t…theyve got them in at silvers, but its just a case of getting motivated and ordering it…having a bit of the “credit crunchies” dosent help the motivation

as for the kawa, it was a toss up between that and a blackbird, but the budget would’ent quite stretch far enough for a bird in the same condition. but no regrets,it goes like stink if you make it mad.

i did here a rumour that australian airport officials had carried out a controled explosion on a suspicious package, thought it was a liquid bomb[:D]

I seem to have spent more time and money on my workshop build this winter so the bike’s taken a back seat at present. But the end is in sight. I’ve almost finished digging the trench to lay the electric cable to light up the building and power the sockets! Then it’s in with the VF, bench, tools etc and we can resume play! First job will be to get the frame painted and some fluid for the parts washer!