Keep blowing fuses

Hello everyone,
quick background: 1984 VF1000 running great, then dies suddenly with no warning leaving me stranded on the road. get home and see that a fuse is burned out. the fuse in question powers the starter and fuel pump. replaced fuses would pop right away, i removed the fuel cut relay, and the fuse would then hold and the engine will start, but the fuel pump will not work (obviously). bridging the white and black wire from the fuel cut relay will allow the fuel pump to run, but pops when i hit the starter. I then purchased a new relay. no success, the 10 amp fuse blows the second i turn the key unless the relay is not connected. guessing there is a short circuit in the fuel pump system somewhere. I have no idea how to find it though or if i am even on the right track. any ideas? other things i tried was putting in a 15 amp fuse, that held a fraction of a second longer but ultimately resulted the same.

I had a similar issue on another bike and it turned out that the strainer type filter, upstream of the fuel pump, was so blocked it was causing the fuel pump to draw too much power.

Cleaned the strainer and the lines, washed out the tanks and it sorted it out. Also, make sure the tank breathers are clear, as a vacuum lock could strain the system too.

that was a good suggestion i check everything you mentioned just to be sure. however it ended up being the lead wires to the fuel pump. The insulation was worn on the back side and causing a short, and subsequently all my other electrical issues. everything is running smooth now!

Nice one!
Glad to hear you got it sorted.

Electrical shorts are never fun and can be an absolute bar-steward to diagnose.