Kendall vf1000

Do any of our Aussie brethren have access to details about this bike?
Kendall were Honda dealers in Melbourne in the 80’s and produced a modified F-E
which was featured in Bike Australia’s March '85 issue.
I’m looking specifically for details of the cam lift and duration.
Regards Bif

Sorry Bif, I’ve never heard of that bike or dealer. Do you have a link to a page?

Hi Chaps

I have a copy of the article on my Skydrive.!/?cid=CB0CD92344060270&id=CB0CD92344060270!108

I had my cams reground by Waggot Cams in Queensland, Peter Waggott the owner was pretty helpful and seemed to know a fair bit about the VF, might be worth talking to, Mine were done with more lift and duration,a “Sports Grind”…feels like a “space shuttle” grind to me!

Their website is down at the moment but Peter can be contacted at

Sounds like a fun project!