KMH to MPH speedo conversion

Hi all, in an effort to sort a speedo out without paying over £300 I’ve bought a very nice set of clocks from Germany for £70, what I need to know is if it’s the speedo drive that is different on the kmh speedo or the gearbox on the back of the speedo or the worm drive inside the speedo. The plan is to replace clock face with one from my clocks and also gearbox. Any info is much appreciated.


Going though this myself Gary,the position of 60mph/100kmh is identical so drive gear must e the same.Only problem I see is the “miles” would actually be kilometres.Fluffosborne (a member of the forum)makes and sells new faces for the R speedo,unfortunately only the US variant and did not reply to my enquiry about a U.K. Spec 180mph face.
Regards Bif

Thanks bif I had come to the same conclusion after looking at pictures of both types of clock. My old clocks are USA spec anyway so will have to use face of them. Don’t think it’s possible to change gears on the miles / kmh when I tried to repair my one it wasn’t possible to split the internal unit, the trip meter unscrews easily but not the main mileage. May be able to put my trip meter on, Will look again when new clocks arrive, they only have 2400 kilometres on them! And look brand new.

I’ve been in touch with classic dials,looks like they will do a run of 180mph faces for us.Costings to follow

Excellent bif, count me in.

Yep, count me in for 2 of those

Price is £18.00 each plus p+p,he’s sending the art work over tomorrow so I will post it up.

he was quick off the mark

Excellent :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Excellent! Does he have these ready to deliver or is there a waiting list?

He’s making them for us now

Brilliant, I’ll stick with the kmh speedo when it arrives and look into changing the odometer drive when new face arrives.

I’ve sent payment today and should have the overlays by the beginning of the week
Regards Bif

top man bif, :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

New faces arrived today and I must say I’m impressed,Will at Classic Guages has done us proud.Each is individual packed with detailed instructions on opening the speedo up,fitting the face,setting the needle and closing the whole thing back up.
A bit of sanding is required to remove the old face but no need to remove the needle Stop as the overlay slides over it neatly
All I need to do is find my spare needles and refit the glass.
Gary I will need an address to send yours off,both you and Pete have my bank details,£18.00 each plus £3 p+p (needs to be a cardboard backed envelope to prevent damage)
Regards Bif

many thanks bif, They look spot on, I will now be able to see how fast im going, just mailed the wonga over, :+1:

They look superb, thanks bif. Could you give me a price to include the four stainless brake pistons and two sliding pins as well and I’ll send the money for it all. I’ll PM you my address.


No problem mate

Money paid over, a bargain! Found brakes where binding a bit when I was working on forks so new pistons should do the trick. Thanks.


Thanks Pete and Gary,I will get them off to you both tomorrow
Regards Bif