leaky front brake master cyl site window

any one have a fix for my front brake master cyl site window just started to leak ?

if you can get to it try some arildite rapid inside around the glass
its oil proof when I was a we lad I used it inside a cracked engine casing and it never leaked

cheap fix :slight_smile:


thanks Lloyd, their is a clean one on ebay for $75 ,mine could use a rebilled ,thats about $30 for the kit plus shipping have to see if i can scrap up the money for the ebay one ,or if all else i was going to JB weld it

There is a company producing replacement lenses for master cylinders in the US.
eBay listing 160795824129 is for a vf500 at 15 dollars.
The seller is newrivercyclesalvage.
Regards Bif