Left Mirror - what kind of screw thread

Hi folks,

just a, I fear stupid, question: I do own a 1984 VF1000F Interceptor and I’d like to change the mirrors as these are meanwhile not ok anymore. But somehow I can’t loosen the left mirror screw thread. Before I now go and damage something, could someone please tell me whether this is a right hand or a left hand screw thread?

Many thanks in advance,

hi zumsel

better to ask the question than pay for new switch gear!! the thread is a normal right hand thread but can seize up like any steel to aluminium joint, if you are not bothered about damaging old mirrors you should get it off no problem. once you have loosened the locking collar spray some releasing oil into joint and leave for 20 minutes, put steering on full left lock and turn mirror anti clockwise. good luck.


hi garyb,

meanwhile I got it done. Unfortunately my mirrors didn’t have a locking collar. There are screws clamping a benden metal sheet where the mirror is fastened, so the way you recommended didn’t work.
But knowing the direction of the thread, I just took a real big gripper and moved the whole thing, now it’s loose. Thanks for the hint.
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