LHS switchblock?

Refitting switchgear after a prolonged rebuild.The lhs switch block doesn’t want to click together properly to enable screw tightening. Choke cable assembly seems to be fitted and working ok, there’s a small metal tang on the inside, but don’t know what it’s for. Unless I have pulled a bit much flex through between the 2 halves I can’t work out what’s happening?
Any ideas brainstrust?

The metal tang locates into a hole in the handlebar to prevent it from rolling,then the two halves will close up ok
Regards Bif

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Hi Bif, thanks, I realised I had been working in the shed way too late cause I had been trying to locate the switch all the way along the bar, instead of allowing for the lever assembly, Duuuh
Thanks for your help, appreciate your prompt answer to a stupid question!