Lift the bike

Hi I own one of these hyudraulic motorcycle lifts. Tho problem I see whith these types of lifts is that It will lift the bike on the collector box and the front exhaust pipes. There is a lot of opinions on this matter on the Internet. Both saying its ok and some says its not ok. What do you guys think? If not how am I going to fix the front fork gaskets?

Hi Nick… i certainly wouldn’t lift the bike on the exhaust and collector box. if you damage these you will find them hard to replace… may be some blocks of wood under the frame rails would help…or maybe remove the front wheel and support with a car jack under the sump or front frame rail…

you must be talking about not a full size bench
my brother has 2 in his workshop and the work perfectly using a front wheel bracket and straps with the bike on the center stand[8D]
seems you have a Harley Davidson type

I think I will build a support frame with forks for the frame. I lifted the bike just for trying and nothing went wrong but don’t think it’s good for long term usage. The rails is quite long and they are made of 4 cm rubber so I think that helped a bit.