line-boring cam journals?

I am looking at my heads and cant help but ask myself “self, why not just re-bore the original heads?”. Has anyone heard of someone doing this? I have repaired xr cam journals in a similar way, although the rocker arm geometry is much different. My cams are lightly pitted but very serviceable right now however I’m looking forward to having to repair them sometime. FYI I am a machinist so I don’t want anyone thinking I would attempt this with a hand drill and hammer! Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions.

If it was my bike I would fit as I have done already a Dave dodge oil kit to the heads so oil is injected at pressure onto the cams 5psi and filtered oil.
this makes the engine bullet proof in my opinion
and runs sweeter
£150.00 well invested and the cams will probably see you out to the after life[}:)][:D][8D]