Little gremlins still hanging on

took my bike out to Pentey Naurbough yesterday buzzing aroung the roundabouts lovely weather sun shining a bit cool but great,
went into the final roundabout,squeezed the front brake leaver to find no brakse squeezed again in a split second and stopped on the inside of the roundabout. Thought what the F**k. Shit what happend. You are unhurt so go to my freinds house and relax.When I got home riding very gingerly Reversed the bike into the garage went in for evening.
Next morning pushed the bike out and touch the front breaks CLICK
Figued out the pistons were part seized so went out in my van got some new break fluid and now I just got to find my Copperslip, had it 20 years.
Lesson here Service the bloody brakes which Is the only job that has not been done since i got this bike.