loading at an idle

Hi all, I’ve got a problem and im looking for someone that knows more than I do about it. I recently found a vf1000f for sale, went and checked it out and had to buy it. the tires were shot so I wasnt able to take it down the road but it ran beautifuly. it needed some work but i fugred i could have it road worthy in about a week. I got it home and it started smoking a bit but it was white so it was running rich but nothing serious. changed oil, plugs, made some wiring repairs to the coils and ht wires, new tires and breaks and rebuilt the front forks, and it was ready to go. the last owner said the carbs were rebuilt so i didnt check much just readjusted the pilot jets for proper idle the smoke all but stopped. I took it for a ride and no power till its at 4000 rpm or higher as in no snap till there it acts like its flooded. checked the coils and the resistence is a little high from what the book says but not much. any ideas would but a big help. it idles beautifuly but with out smokeing but after about 5-10 min it stalls and acts flooded.

any ideas would be greatly appreaceated there has to be someone that can see something i missed.

Sounds like it is flooding, smoke from too much fuel, poor performance until it can cope with that much fuel, maybe needle and seat not sealing, or float level too high? Could it be a perforated diaphragm on one or more of the carbs? It seems that if all is good with your ignition, it may be time to check how those carbs were re-assembled.
Be prepared to replace the carb manifold rubbers, unless they have already been replaced. Oh and it is better to leave the aluminium plate above the carbs in place, it will ensure that the small fragile tabs that hold the carbs together don’t break, they are very likely to if you take the plate off to remove or replace the carbs.
Anyone else have any suggestions?

White smoke normally from exhaust means head gasket,black smoke rings.
water leaking into cylinder
mixture screws on carbs are non user adjustable
Honda factory set so do mess with them,this is what I was told.

Thanks for the ideas. Went through the carbs and all is well so I rechecked the ignition system and found the culprit an intermittent failure of one of the spark units. is there an aftermarket version or am I stuck with used and a crap shoot?