Looking for a 1984 VF1000F Starter Motor

Hey guys,

Just curious if anyone has an original starter motor for a 1984 VF1000F. I believe the one from the VF1000R also fits. Let me know!



Zaff, there’s been several threads on this topic which VFPete can help you with unless you trawl through previous topics. Essentially, you can get new ones from the USA.

hi zaffarack,

i have a couple of the original starters, they will need a refurb kit, i removed them and fitted brand new caltric vf750 starters which are available on ebay.

Hey VF Pete,

Just a couple questions:

Are the originals for sale / in good condition?

Do you know where the VF750 ones are manufactured? I took a Magna starter I bought off ebay to a mechanic and he told me that it was made in China and thus didn’t have a coating on the gears, so it would wear out really quick. Looking to avoid that if possible.

Thanks in advance!!



hi zaff,

As they are, i would have to say the starters were not in good working condition as they were removed from my vf’s because they had become lazy, they may be able to be revived with a profesional refurb or a DIY refurb kit,

I could be wrong on this but i seem to remember the caltric starters were made in the USA, they are listed on ebay usa… the french vf’ers have been using them for a good few years now with no issues.

I keep this in my eBay control panel

eBay item number:
will probably soon get one myself

Hey thanks guys! I think I’ll go ahead and pick one of those up. They seem to be in pretty solid condition and if you vouch for them they must be good. Appreciate the help :slight_smile: