looking for a speedometer for my 84 vf1000f.

For some reason, I’ve been locked out of EBAY and I cant get it resolved. So, I’m looking for some help from you guys. last week, my speedo started sqauling and moments later, comically, the needle busted into four pieces. I wasnt even going fast. lol.

Where are you located?


I’m in Ontario Oregon, USA.

I have this cluster from a 10,000 mile parts bike I bought last year. It was off the road for over 10 years. The lens is fogged (I tried restoring it, and this was the “after” result" lol), but the instruments should work- the tach seemed to when we got the motor to turn over. If this interests you, contact me off list. I can send it and if it works you can pay me whatever the friendly market price is:
or I could use a good right side muffler if you have one.