Lots of parts for VF1000r and VF1000f

I haven’t really posted much on this site as I’m usually active in the Facebook sites related to VF1000r and VF1000f bikes. You can search lots of those groups as I post with my name; Lorne Tontegode.

I have a large assortment of parts for VF1000f Interceptors and VF1000r bikes. I acquired most of the parts from Ron Marshall in Canada and had some before that as well. Not a lot of new stuff but lots of used parts.

Pieces I DON’T have are most of the body parts, seats, fuel tanks, and brake rotors.

Stuff I DO have is engine parts (heads, cases, covers, internals, etc), chassis parts, lots of bolts and specialty fasteners (some replated), forks, rider controls, some instruments, ignition parts, wiring harnesses, etc. If you don’t see it, ask and I’ll check.

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