lots of questions vf1000f2f

Lots of questions.
The bike had the carbs cleaned and refitted 2 diaphrams were replaced.
The book says the back cycl carbs have different needles but doesnt say what size.

The bike has a 4 into 1 collector but needs a different end can i was given a can from a 1000cc bike but it is a much bigger diameter connection . So how do I marry that up to a vf collector?
I am sure someone on here must know…
Also there is a leak at the head where the left rear exhaust connects to the head…I cant tighten the stud any further…What damage or symptoms will this cause?

hi radical,
as far as I know the needles are the same size front and back…
all you need for your exhaust is a gasket, just measure the internal size of your end can and the external size of the collector, then search it out on ebay