Machine shop ideas needed

Does anyone know a good machine shop who can mill down my cbr600 sprocket carrier etc and make the wheel spacers I need to fit the cbr600f2 wheels to my vf1000fe?
I am finding it very difficult to get a shop to commit to doing the work at the moment.
This project has been going on toooo long now so would appreciate some help.

So you want a ready made kit or the name of a shop?

Thanks for the reply bif.
Seems like a lifetime has passed since this started as you may well remember.
I have looked at the bolt on kit from the other side but now that I have got parts already I am reluctant to spend the £300.00 on using them, (or is that reasonable?) so was hoping someone here could point me to a known engineering shop that will be happy to cut me the spacers , mill down the carrier and speedo and bore out the calliper hanger.
I am getting a little frustrated with it all now. It needs tyres so do I buy new tyres and ride it as is or save the tyre money and put that into the conversion??? the cbr wheels have brand new tyres on them so Im half way to the conversion but could just sell the nice wheels with new tyres on (the front could actually go on my meanstreak1600 but thats another ponder.
If anyone knows of somewhere I could send this lot to instead of shipping it all to the US I would be very grateful.

Last set I had done were getting more expensive(everything is right now)
You are looking at £100 for machining at the shop I use.
Let me talk with them and see if doing two sets will cut costs,I have enough parts here to do that then you can send me a calliper hanger,sprocket carrier and speedo drive.
Regards Bif

Sending the parts is no problem, thank you.
I need the axle spacers too, do they cut them also?
I sent you a reply to your message and think it went to your email coz its not on here that I see.
Thanks again.

Hi I know this thread is over a year old but I’m interested in converting one of my Vf1000fe as well if you still had the contacts and interest. No problem sending whatever parts required. All good if not. Thanks

PM me to discuss

Pm sent (I hope!)