Main and corned bearing numbers

Hi guys, as I have too many projects I am looking at parting out my VF1000 bits and bobs. I have a bunch of used but good bearings but can’t work out the sizes based on the number son the shells. Hopefully someone can help.
Conrod shells all standard. annotated as follows:
8532 03MR93
Please help

I do also have new shells for both crank and conrods.
If anyone is after VF1000 FE stuff, give me a yell.
I’m in Australia so will be cost plus postage.
Have 10 good cams as well

Hi Roblin31, I would be interested in all of those bearings. I am in Adelaide Australia and am rebuilding a few FE’s and a couple of FF’s and one with forward controls (cause I can’t bend the right knee anymore). May be interested in some cams as well depending on cost. Xmas is near. Were are you in Aus.

Mmmmm… corned bearings. I can smell them from here. Plus all the sandwiches you make later with the leftovers.

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Alright smarty! No grammar check for me. CONROD bearings

I may have responded to you via the FB forum. I’m in Newcastle NSW. Are you after the new and/or used bearings? Cams, I was thinking around $AUD800 for a set of four. I know I have at least one good set of four, maybe 2 sets. Also have some good cam followers. Anything else?

Jovimill, I have some photos of the stuff on the Facebook VF1000F page. Also look there and message or email me what you are after. Open to negotiation on everything