Main fuse blown after winter stand


VF stood for winter. Got carbs out and clean

When got them back the main fuse blows after I reinstall the battery.

Where could I start fault finding.

Much appreciated


Does the fuse blow as soon as you connect the battery or after you turn the ignition on?


Disconnected out going side of starter relay
Relay working fine
Test lead going to starter, down to earth reading
Removed starter and busy on cable
Cable stuck as per picture
F786k8765g jpg

Stumped at the moment as the cable will no come out :frowning:

Does the cable test to earth when disconnected from the motor?


Here is the problem. I only have two brain cells. One keep stack of the 8mm socket and the other focused to get start and cable out !

Never thought the starter motor could disconnect from cable :astonished:

Result is that the cable is fine and the problem is the starter motor

Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

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