Making a VF1000R exhaust chamber fit on a VF1000F

Hi, I’m posting this because I could not find adequate resources anywhere about fitting a VF1000R exhaust chamber on a VF1000F. I have an '84 VF1000F and the exhaust was shot. I scoured ebay and all I could find was an exhaust chamber for an '85 VF1000R. I decided to take the chance and try.

The exhaust chamber will fit, but it takes a little persuasion. Firstly, the center stand will not work with this chamber. I didn’t have one to start with, so I didn’t mind. So, the stand and the pivot shaft must be removed first (found that out the hard way!).

Then, I bolted up the rear section to the rear heads, using a jack. To get the front pipes into the front heads, I had to pry them in by wedging a large screwdriver between the frame and the pipe (I was tired of trying to finess it in) and simultaneously pushing the pipe into the exhaust port.

The angle at which the pipes meet the exhaust port is a little skewed, so I recommend doubling up the exhaust gaskets on the front.

The holes that bolt the actual chamber to the frame will not line up, so there are two options. Firstly, you could grind off the tabs on the chamber with a cutting wheel and weld them in place, using a piece of extra metal to make the holes line up, or, take the easier route, which is what I did. On the clamping system for the center stand pivot shaft, there are two pinch bolts that hold the shaft and there’s a metal bar that is attached to both of these pinch bolts. The pivot shaft will never go back in place because the VF1000R chamber is in the way, but that metal bar will. I re-installed the bar and pinch bolts, then I hit the bar with a hammer, driving the middle of the bar towards the chamber. Now, the chamber has additional support! [8D]

I don’t know about stock muffler placement because I modified this chamber for a 4 into 1 system. I hope this will help someone else who is/ will be having similar issues. Peace

I wish you had posted your problem on this site before you got the exhaust system because I own a rebuilt Fe and could have put you in contact with other parts sellers on this site.[:(]
I know people that are splitting complete bikes


Oh my… That sucks…[xx(]

Just to finish your challenge story!! If you had tried to fit stock mufflers you would have had another problem as the angle of the outlet stubs on the collector is different between the R and the F so the hanger brackets would have had nothing to locate to.
Not quite sure why you had a problem with the angle of the headers tho’ cos that should all be the same.
You were lucky to find an R collector, they are much rarer than F ones!!