Matching Connecting rod set

Hi everyone, I’m chasing 1 x matching front connecting rod and cap for a vf1000f 1984 interceptor, dosn’t matter size or weight, bought one on eBay that didn’t end up being a matching pair as stated, so if a VF brother could help me out would be great, I’m in oz but open to everyone, cheers Tony

Rebuilding an F? You need all the help you can get.
I got a Basket Case way back, found this;

MB6-F 4
Seems to be a set, don’t know if its a Front or not, or if its Fe or Ff (I think they are the same). Bushings are in there, look not too bad.
Yours for Free, just figure out postage (Canada Post website (for Calgary T3E 4X8)).

Hi bud, yeah you’re right, what was I thinking, anyway all good fun and some shed time to boot, your photo didn’t load but I have picked one up in oz, thanks for the offer though, cheers Tony