Meet at Squires Cafe 4th june

Hi all,
There will be a meet of members at Squires cafe on Sunday 4th June. We are aiming to be there for about 1pm.
Bif and myself will be Travelling down from Kendal on the A684 through Leyburn and then down to Squires. If anyone wants to join us just contact either Bif or myself. All are welcome and we would be delighted to meet anyone who can make it.

cheers john, see you at squires.

Would like to come but it would be over a 500 mile round trip from W Wales, I’m sure the bike would do it but not sure about its rider ??? Maybe another time.

hi bart,
yep its a long way for just a couple of hours, although half the funs in getting there, we may be having a run out to the ponderosa bikers cafe from hulme end in august which im assuming will be closer for you.

Yes, The Ponderrosa is a definite possibility ;D

Lovely bikes there…is the RVF a big or little one ? I was once asked to “look after” a almost new RVF400 years ago so stipulated that it did need to be used regularly and ended up doing a couple of thousand miles on it over that summer…happy days.

Yes its rvf400… it belongs to a mate of mine.