merry christmas

I have not been a member very long just like to say what a great site
and wish all the members new and old in the uk/aus/ finland and any where else there are members a merry christmas and a very prosperous new year [:)]

Thanks Bud, same to you and yours and hope Santa brings that much needed VF part you`ve been waiting for [:D]
I hope to meet up with as many UK - VF guys next year at our get together. Its looking like early part of September at the moment and around the N / NE of Brum

Pip Pip


merry chrimbo everyone…[:D]

A safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone else here, from down under.

Merry Christmas everybody… Santa has brought me a cam tool, ordered early in september, just got it!!!

hi phil, that was quick, three months, think Mr honda must have sent that with reginald the three legged rain deer.

Merry Christmans from Finland too

Yes pete, next time I will order boxing day, I might get it for summer!

Seasons Greetings to all VF Owners, have a wonderful 2013!