Michelin Pilot Active wear rate

After a good experience with Michelin Mac 50’s I read the blurb on the Pilot Active that has now replaced it.
All good I thought as the Mac’s had returned reasonable mileage,around 4500 on the rear,and the new tyre promising even more miles.These are the boys for me said I and promptly ordered a set.
So I have to say I’m more than a little disappointed at the rear tyre being totally shot after only 3100 miles.
I had thought of fitting radials,but opted to stick with the standard tyre sizes but if this is all they can manage I will go for a 110/80-18 and 150/70-17 combo and see how it works out.
Regards Bif

Hi Bif I am running bt45r front and rear and have had no issues with either on grip , they are now coming up for 2200 miles and are not even close to half worn, i rate them and they are dual compound,

Funny how our feelings about tyres may differ! I just hate those M50/M90/ Pilot Activ tyres and I do not like the lack of feeling of the BT45. I have Dunlops on Sally (my V65 Sabre) and on the VF1000FG and the Bol d’Or while the R wears a mix of a good Lasertec on the front wheel and a nasty BT23 on the back wheel… :-[

Tyres are very much personal taste,The BT45’s on Pauls bike had a good workout on the Scotland trip and are wearing well,I will be trying them out myself on the Hulme End run.
As Johnboys besty is taking over the controls of the Bol for that trip I am fitting a pair of BT23’s for him.
I use these on my Blackbird and like the feel of them,it will be interesting to see how they work on an older bike.
Regards Bif

I’ve been using the BT45’s for a few years now, would get them again.
Here the Dual Compound edge can be seen:

The Fronts hold on fine, and I couldn’t get rid of the Center Tread Groove:

I tour Western Canada/USA, so I need Long Life as well as Handling.

I have gotten a second hand Macadam 50 thanks to Bif and his amazing ebay search ability. Once this is worn out I am going Radial and it will probably be Avons. I do love the old Macs though.

Interesting read today on the magna/sabre forum,the difference in hardness between centre compound and edge on the BT 45 is 3%
Most tyre manufacturers have more than that as a tolerance on one compound
The Bt23 tyres worked well on the Bol,Mart is now a convert
Regards Bif

Maybe, it never rains in Scotland… I hate the Bt 23 on the VF1000R rear wheel on the dry and I consider it plain dangerous under the rain!

Maybe that’s what it is Fred,after all Scotland is the sunshine capital of Europe :smile:
Or perhaps we all like somthing different from our tyres or have differing riding styles,I don’t think I would be able to find my tyres limits just tootling around as I do
Regards Bif

Sure Bif, we certainly have different riding style or, and it’s quite possible too, the tarmac offers more grip in Scotland than it has here. Here we tend to have more and more what we call “billard” (“snooker table” tarmac with nearly no grip when greasy or wet hence the comparison with a snooker table) but in fact it gives just summer ice…