Might be too much to ask :/

but could anybody make a complete teardown and maintenance and rebuild guide?

I have an '84 1000f and i stripped it down to the frame thinking i would use its individual parts but ive changed my mind and want to learn a lot more about bikes. I have all the parts any may only need to purchase a hose or simple parts

Fookin hell bimel…that’s a tall order mate…Get yasself on Evil Bay and find the Workshop Manual…oh, wait a minute…the manual is available to download on the Front Page of this site…doh!

yea really tall but i got the manual a while ago but it leaves too much room for error
even more so because im not that mechanically experienced

Try the Clymer manuals, they are written without assuming you’re a mechanic, just an enthusiastic amateur(?). You must have some idea of how to twiddle the spanners to have stripped the fekker down to the frame!!! All you need is a clear head and a logical approach.

thanks Ill see if my library has it. and yea the bikes just for fun i got it in a trade so i decided to tinker