Mist at high speed

Hello everyone,

I need help to identified a probleme, first, the bike always as difficulty to start, and if I try to give gas to force start it, it make it stop.
Then, I have random engine mist at high ish speed, so over 100km/h and weird fact, its way worst when it’s raining?

Any ideas, clues, suggestion?

Thank you

when was the carbs serviced last oring seals and gaskets and air leaks effect the running like my VF
well worth stripping but its hard if you have no knowledge

The carb been clean last year, by the previous owner. As for seals, that will be your first guess? A small leak on compression will explain a random problem at high speed and will become worst with rain?

Thank you

I cleaned my carbs in my ultrasonic cleaning bay stripped to component level
I would like to believe the previous owner cleaned the carbs but until you do them yourself its here-say.
new float bowl seals and petrol union t piece o ring seals need changing at 32 years
I misted the o rings which lets air bubbles in the petrol making it run lean and missed as well and new inlet manifold rubbers help

then there’s the electrical system that’s for another day 8)

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If it runs much worse in the wet I would be looking at the electrical system.

Ok, thanks for all those advise, and talking of electric, that make me think, the ignition key, its kind of loose, that’s in the list of the suspect? Sometimes I have difficulty too turn it, or I turn it and I don’t it the stop to turn the bike on.

so, I have few additional questions,
1-I realize, then when i changed my spark plugs cables, my friends may have mixt the cables, but I dont find the exact diagramme for it, I mean what plugs go with what output of the coils, any one know it
2-yesterday, after cleaning all connectors, I went for a test drive, after maybe 20 min, the bike shut off completely, but still had the lights on, I put the switch on/run off and on, and the bike started again, any ideas of the problem there

Hi Kevin, Your issues are many and varied; I suggest perhaps too varied for us to make a serious guess at what it might be. However, having said that it sounds like it may be electrical from your last note. I think you would be best to find someone local who knows about motor vehicle mechanicals and ask them to take a look. I’m not sure that between us all we can get things working again properly.
Good luck.

Hi Kevin.
Sounds like you may have a few problems… I would be having a look for broken wires on the ignition circuits . Especially the ones on the right hand switch gear… It may be something as simple as a faulty on/off switch… check inside the switch gear to make sure the switches are not excessivly worn or have any solder joints broken…
The spark plug leads are… left hand coil does both rear cylinders and right hand coil does both front cylinders.

I think I found the problem, it look like I had a the gas pump relay, slowly dying, and now, it’s dead. That will explain the progression of the problem until it don’t start at all!