Model year differences 1984-85 VF1000F

I’m bringing an old 1985 VF1000F back to life after it sitting for 26 years. I see lots of references and parts for the 1984 year but not much for 1985. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences between the two model years?

Which variant do you have? FE, FF?

1985 was the transition between the FE and FF variant. There are differences between those two variants.

Don’t know. How can I tell?

What size is the front wheel? The FE has a 16" front wheel, the FF has an 18" front wheel.

The pillion grab handle on the FE comprises of two handles, one each side of the bike, the FF has a one piece handle that straddles the rear fairing behind the seat.

Those are two quick and obvious differences to identify them.

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Then I have the FE. Thanks for pointing that out. So besides the front wheel and the rear grab rails, What are the differences? If I use parts from a 1984 bike, will they match?

Rocker cover gaskets,camshafts and igniter units are different,other odds and ends like the wiring for the pick up coils and instruments are different too but most things can be made to work.

So my 1985 FE version is closest to a 1984?

That’s about the size of it.

In truth it is an 84 model.
Doesn’t matter when it was registered,the E designation is honda for 84 your engine number will also start sc15-20******
21 is for 85 and 22 is 86

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The Fe (84) has glass fuses.
The Ff (85) has Blade fuses (at least in Kanada).
I have both types.