More fork upgrade options

As we are always looking at alternatives for our suspension,I wondered if anyone has tried sports valves product?
Offering externally adjustable compression and rebound damping for a reasonable $400nz
regards Bif

I assume you meant “sportsvalve” not “vave”.

Never even heard of them. Looks interesting, though I could do 3 bikes with RT for the price of those. But the external adjustability is pretty sweet.

Thanks for the “link”.

Well spelling never was a strong point,and true if you want to do compression damping only the RT emulators are fine,just looking for the next step
reargards(deliberate) Bif

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Wish I could get the Racetech that cheap Captain_80s!
I got mine for just over 100 quid and thought I was doing well! That is the two emulator kit.