More VF1000 parts

  • Upper radiator and hoses
  • expansion tank /breather tank
  • battery tray / plastic battery shroud
  • rearsets both sides
  • wiring loom
    -fuse box and wiring harness
    -fusebox/yoke cover
  • rear mudguar undertray plus rear light and number plate light - not cut down
    -speedo drive, speedo cable
  • seat will need recovering as the vinyl is hard, sound base and foam
    -lockset (ignition, tank and seat plus two keys)
    -top and bottom yokes
    -calipers front and rear
    -wheels and discs
    -Fairing headlight surround unit
    -top fairings, left and right, need repair but useable
    -tank, bit rusty on outside but may be ok or for repair
    -Chain guards- one original, one aftermarket chrome, both good
    -suspension linkages
    -swing arms x2
  • switchgear left side
    -centre stand
    -clock / gauge covers x2

All cheap
Let me know if anything of use

I’m looking for fe clockset or at least the backing mount plate

Hi mate, yes I have the clockset in mph, the plastic dash surround and if you need it a really nice clock fascia- the metal plate that sits on top of the clocks.


25 for the clockset, 15 for the plastic panel and 10 for the metal dash plate … let me know?

Yes I’ll take the clockset plz. Get me on 07823554630 to arrange postage and payment

Hi do you have any of the parts left??

I’d be interested in the Wheels and disc’s, and maybe the tank depending on how bad it looks.


Hi Laura

Yes I’ve got the parts as above, clocks have sold I think most of everything else left.

I have the wheels and discs still- given they are bloody heavy they’d be best picked up from Amersham Bucks where they are stored or my place in Waddesdon Bucks from next week

I forgot to ask are these VF1000R or VF1000F parts :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

if they are VF1000R do you have some pictures

1000fe parts - let me know if any good

Hello Voycie.
I am new to the VF world. I just bought a VF1000F 84. This is an FE right?
If yes I am interested in the Meter Visor. Part number 64120-MB6-000 part 18 in the schematic and the metal plate over the clocks (Part 19) if you still have them. Also the fuse cover if in good condition and the left switch if also in good condition.

Hi - I’ve got two of the metal covers (part 19) both in good condition. £10 each plus postage. I dont have a spare part 18 unfortunately

Looking for air box and rear air shock cable

Looking for Rear Air shock cable. And Air Box cover.?