Mot pass ignition fail

Bike sailed through mot today but on way home dropped to 2 cylinders and no tacho, limped home and tested pickups and one was open circuit, now engine has cooled it works again but will need to replace pickup. Had a look at the Czech units recommended by taz and they also sell pickups so am thinking of trying to get new ones and fit to existing system or even the entire system that taz uses.

Johnboy has a set in his top box if you need some just to keep you going for now

There is no exact version of the ignitech ignition for the vf1000 though it says it is fully adjustable so I’m guessing that the original map is installed when you buy it as they are sold for specific bikes so what will have the most similar map to a vf1000? They do them for the vfr750 and the cbr600 plus a variety of other makes and models. My guess would be vfr750 but I could be very wrong. Bif, do you have any idea of what sort of map would be most desirable for us? Or would it be a case of experimenting. Price seems reasonable enough compared to the American v4spark system mainly due to no import duty and cheaper delivery.

Cast your eye over v4 sparks website,there is a graph of the standard ignition curve which basically is 10 degrees at idle,advance start at 1500 rpm full advance(37 degrees)at3300 rpm.
Not a lot of gains to be had from increased advance,although one company did offer +3 degrees at full advance.
Interesting if they produce new pickups though

Hey mate, never tried their pickups, but if the ignitions anything to go by you’ll be fine, finally got mine running sweet after new plugs, wires and a little refining of the mapping! I’ve got spare pickups, but unfortunately Liverpool’s a bit far. Spent 4 days there in 2015 on our way to the Classic TT.

Sorry to hear about ure ignition problems. I have a set of pick ups here. If they are compatible I’ll post them down. They were for fe. But I reilized the prob was a dodgy connection on coils instead.

Thanks Graham but all sorted now, used the ones off my F and they work no problem though it would be nice to find a setup that uses new pickups and igniter box as these items are getting harder to find and most will be close to their own failure. Taz what settings have you used on the ignitech? The problem with their pickups is they say they are not for use in oil but have been looking into using cbr600 pickups instead as these can be bought new and there is a detailed description of the required modifications online.

Cool, we played with timing on the engine in my outfit, found minor gains, but it’s the extra’s the Ignitech system provides that were of interest originally. Launch control, quick shifter, dual mapping (soft one for wet), shift light, fuel pump control, even has servo control, thought about making an exhaust valve setup like the Yamaha, just to see!

Found this myself when I decided to fit my spare racebike one to my VF, emailed them and they sent me a map. Very simple to set up a map from the manual, then play from there!

Have ordered one and am looking forward to having a play around with it, what do you recommend as a base setting?