Motad Silencer Infos?


maybe some UK people can help? I have got a VF500F with Motad n-eta Silencers

Do you need any docs for MOT if the bike is not equiped with original silencers about the new noise level?

If yes, is there any chance to get some docs about these silencers? The company who import Motad parts to germany cannot help and regulations are very strict here.


The motad pipes should be stamped with a BSAU number,this should satisfy the TUV requirements

I fear the TÜV doesn’t care about that. :frowning_face: Ask Pete, he has made also experience with his VF1000 regarding TÜV.

Yes they are marked BSAU 193 T2.

I will ask them. But in the end it will not be worth spending any further effort in this bike. Although carbs are cleaned now it it is running on all 4 cylinders. Engine sounds normal.

Pete has never had an issue with the exhaust on his bike being TUV compliant as the flange on the tail can is stamped

It’s pot luck - TÜV in one region failed it on the can last year, TÜV in another region passed it…