Motor not starting. Ignition missing

Hi. While I was trying to get my engine running perfect after some reparations, it suddenly stopped.

It seems the ignition is failing. I can’t see any spark. I have been doing some measuring to figure out what is wrong. I have checked the ignition coils and cables. They are within specs. I am afraidit could be the CDI boxes. Does anyone know how to check these?

Make sure all electrical connections are clean and tight. If you have a manual check the pulse generators to see whether they are within specs. You can pull the ignition units apart and make sure they are clean. Also you can go over were the wires are soldered with a soldering iron as there quite often is at least one if not more dry solder joints. Check them all carefully with a magnifying glass and resolder any dodgy joints. Some of the guys on here just resolder them all to make sure they are connected. Once you have done all that, check for sparks and hopefully it will be OK. One more thing. when you check for sparks make sure that all other spark plugs are installed and leads connected or at least plugged in and earthed to the block, because these units have double ignition coils and they need to be connected to both plugs to get spark.

Hi, Just a couple of questions, have you got power to anything else, and have you checked the fuses,
Check connections, particularly the one from the pulse generators ( pick ups) to harness.
Start with the easy stuff, if your bike is an fe or an re, you will have 2 cdi units, I think it’s unlikely in that case that both have failed at the same time…

Hi Per. I have parts you can borrow for test. I live near by you, call me at 40 60 73 17 .