OK, how many does yours do to a tank ? I get about 43-45mpg which on mine translates to 190 ( +/- 10 ) before res then a max of 20 ( +/- 5 ) before dry - yes I’ve found out to my cost how heavy the old girls are to push to a station !!! – Is this roughly what you get or has my res pipe been shortened by a previous owner ? ( max of 20 on res seems very little on a motorway !! )
Still, 200 mls per tank is v v respectable by modern bike standards !!
In fact our VF’s stack up v well against new VTEC VFR 8’s with far better MPG and BHP and only slightly more weight AND much cheaper and no more frequent servicing costs !!! – such is “progress” !!

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Bloody hell if MPG is your main concern get a moped
If you are to bloody lousy ( or to poor ) to put fuel in the tank before you ride then pushing it to the servo is what you #$@^#$ ,gym fees are cheaper.VF 1000 are just too heavy to push.
My ass gets saw before I run out on a trip .

Well, I am pretty poor actually which is why I am chuffed to bits to have 113 ponies,64 torques and 140mph performance at my disposal for 200 miles before I have to stop and fill up !!
44 mpg is what I get, just wondered what is typical for others ?

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Never measured precisely, but I remember one trip: about 320 km, and no need to turn on reserve tank yet. I assume, that it is around 6,5 liters/100 km, about same as my car. I was mostly driving within speed limits in good roads.
Do all Aussies have that friendly attitude ; ).
Summer is here in one month, and BolD’Or is soon ready to run: oilmod assembled, valves adjusted, and a double headlamp will replace that skinny single-unit.

Kajaani, FINLAND
VF1000F2 -85, VF750S -82
edit:one typo corrected

Guess our upside down friend doesn’t appreciate how much petrol is in the UK, not sure about Oz but a gallon of VF juice here is around 11AUD [:0]

The FE has a 23 litre tank and a 3.5 litre reserve, so you should be getting 200 miles+ on a full tank and 25 to 35 miles on reserve is about right I guess. On a bike thats got a fuel guage I never risk running out on reserve [:D]

Hi All , Most of the time I,m pretty laid back .
My 1985 VF F2 ,fitterd with Hitachi H10 turbo gets about 36 MPG when cruzing but only about 5 MPG going hard on the race track .

Hmm. I filled up my RE in southampton when I bought it and rode it back to edinburgh with two fuel stops; Manchester approx 18litres; Then Alnwick at 22 litres, So I covered almost 550 miles in 6 1/2 hours using roughly 9 gallons of fuel giving a mpg of about 60 mpg. If you want to work out the average speed you’ll see I wasn’t hanging about either.

I probably get about 55-60 mpg on long runs ie 250m; on medium trips I get about 50, and short trips up to 30 miles I get approx 40-45 mpg.

I have found that my RE takes 21 litres from reserve and 25.3 litres from empty, giving a reserve of almost a gallon. I would guess that gives a reserve range of about 30 miles before I would really start to worry.

To our colonists I need to point out that here we really are shafted for our fuel; 1 litre costs Aus$ 2.10. I don’t know how much you pay but I reckon it’ll be less than that?

That’s interesting Alan, that you can get that much on a longer “quick” run , admittedly most of my mileage is shortish runs and often also on alot of small lanes !
What speed do you tend to “sit” at on motorways, I find 80 pretty comfortable and doesn’t attract too much unwanted attention ?

VF1000FE & ZX7R

It depends on the traffic! As it was a Saturday afternoon, they’re wasn’t a lot of chicanes about. We all have our own comfort speed which we find most suitable.

Fuel in OZ varies from Capital city AU$ 1.20 /ltr to country AU$ 1.42 /ltr . but most OZ earn half what you earn in UK . average wage in OZ is $51K AU$ 1 = GBP 0.41 = GBP 20,000
Fuel in India is 24 rupee ( AU$1.34 /ltr) average wage in india is US$ 1/day .

Your right Howard, sometimes we don’t realise how lucky we actually are. Some people even have ride to BMW’s!

Yes Alan ,we are lucky ,these are 16 bikes in my shed (NO BMW ) 4 are Honda.
450 DOHC 1968 Black Bomber , CB 350 1971 ,the mighty turbo VF 1985 and Honda Interstate Valkyrie 2001 .