can anyone tell me what the difference is between the VF1000 mufflers and VF750 mufflers as I am looking for a RHS muffler for a VF750F but are having trouble finding one so was wondering if a VF1000 might fit or are they longer ??

I can confirm the 1000 mufflers fit the 750. I bought a pair off someone here recently, and they fit the 750 fine.
The reverse will of course be true. The silencers ARE different lengths though, so if you want to do this get a pair, not a single one.
You could of course ebay off the spare one, to get some of your money back.


The FE cans fit the 750 the later FF/F2 cans have a shorter mounting bracket so don’t fit without some modification.
Regards Bif

Thanks for the reply Gents that may make things a little easier