My 1984 VF1000R E

Here are pics of my VF1000R E SC16. I also have a VF1000F E SC15 , a VF1000F II SC19, a VF1000F G SC19 and a VF1000R G SC20 (this one in a shabby condition to be rebuilt as a RC30 look a like)…


VERY nice bike Frederic!

fred… you have far too many vf’s for one man.[:D] [:D]

was thinking of expanding my bike collection (if you can call two and a half bikes a collection [:)]) need a bigger garage and more wonga though first

My problem is that I own the 5 VF but also 2 1984/85 GPZ 900R Kawazaki Ninja (Gpz 900A1) one red, one blue, a 1983 Maico 500, two Ariels (500VH 1954 and 650FH 1955 both in cafe racer trim with original parts on the shelf) and a M100 600cc Panther and my woman loose her nerves when I say that I would fancy one more bike!
PS: My brit irons are in bits awaitting refurbishment…

Fred, I think you have a good head for investment. Your bikes are all going to be ( already are ) very collectable. I think the GPZ900R is going to really go skywards in value from it low price at the moment - if it hasn`t already started to go.
You should start a bike touring business - you have the location, bikes and weather. Perfect.