My 83 VF750f Interceptor No power

Hi, So i purchase this 83 vf750f and the guy had it outside of his shed and when i brought it in to my garage, I started to replace the all the plastics like the coolant reservoir tanks, rear brake fluids reservoir because it was deteriorating. I added a front brake and clutch reservoir, new ignition switch and a starter relay. I replace the connector on the starter relay due to the plastic started to dissolved. I bought a new battery and when i connected there’s no power. can anyone help me?

Can you post a picture of the relay you are using?
After market ones tend to have the battery and starter terminals the wrong way around

looks right,I take it the cable we can see goes to the starter?What about the earth side?
Main earth ok onto engine?
Loom earth under the seat clean and attached ok?
Check for voltage at the ignition switch multiplug
check for voltage at both sides of the fuses on the top yoke(ignition switch plugged in and switched on)
Let us know what you find