My Bikes.

Just dug out some photo’s of my FF and one of my VF500.

Just need a VF750F to make the set, if only I had the space.

Bikes look great, love the 500 F2, and love the car too - oooh I miss my Probe!


The 500 is a totally different bike to the 1000, pretty nippy and handles well.

My FF is the same colours as yours and i have two 500’s.An 85 'B’plate and an 86 'D’plate F2F.The 500’s handle nice and are quite quick to 80 mph but really seem to struggle much after that unless you get head down and ride it like a tuned two stroke.
I love the smooth power you get from the 1000 but they are a bit of a moby dick to get round the twisties.You get noticed on a Vee four as they stand out as being a bit different and i love mine.

I love the power delivery on the V4.