My girls

Thought I was a member here years ago? Oh well, nice to see the new format. Heres a pic of a couple of my V4s:

Both lovely,a lot of work gone into those.

Hi, both look fantastic, got any details of the work that has been done, like the USD forks and the single sided swinging arm, Phil.

hi, they both look superb, probably two of the best looking modified vfs ive seen.

Very very nice. Just a question. I’m thinking of doing a similar thing with the exhaust on your ‘R’, but on my VF1000F historic race bike. I gather the pipe length is different for either side. How has this affected tuning, if at all?

Hi bud, that vf1000f is fantastic,
I am in the process of refurbing one and would be very interested in the mods you have done, wheels brakes oiling etc.
again that is a thing of beauty and I will want to get somewhere near that. many thanks.Nigel.

Speechless. Simply stunning bikes.

Those are just ACE! Great job!

Hi guys! Glad you like my girls. A labor of love for sure.

Couldn’t resist a bit of Photoshop here, makes a great desktop wallpaper too. Click here for the full size version, then right click, and use as wallpaper.