My new/old toy!

Just picked it up 3 weeks ago. 16,400mi. when I got it, now already 17,100mi… All I had to do was clean the carbs and give it a quick bath. This thing is brand friggin’ new! Just ordered up a new set of Avon Azaro ST’s as the Metzlers’s are hard as rock, sliding all over the place, and (thankfully) wearing out VERY fast. [^]</font id=“red”>

Stupid question why is one exhaust longer than other? Other wise nice ride.


looks a nice bike, think thats a “R” exhaust, think they have a long and short side,

It is a full Supertrapp system, the right side is the rear bank of cylinders and the left is the front bank. Equal length headers end up in different spots.</font id=“red”>

Great looking old 'cepter. Will add a photo or two to the owners gallery.