My "new to me" VF1000FE

Hi all. New VF1000FE owner here! Always liked the look of these so just had to get this one when it was advertised. UK registered from new but has had a “home” paint job at some time in its past so with the seat and Interceptor decal looks like a US model.

The plastics are all in great shape but it will need a respray. Mechanically seems sound, nice quiet engine and a ton of receipts for work done in 2022 inc head/swingarm bearings, brake pads, discs, fork seals, chain/sprockets, new front tyre etc. No MOT at present but I’ll soon get that sorted. I’m based in the Midlands UK so hope to see some of you on the road sometime.


Hi mate
Looks really nice from here.
It is strange why these old bikes get to the soul of those who are glutens for punishment!
I got mine about 15 years ago now after owning a vf1000 and a vf 750 in the early 90s with both of them loosing cam lobes and costing me dearly!
I still embarked on fixing up this one and again spending ‘loads o money’.
But I get joy on the dry warm days I take it out so go figure.
Be good if you can get out on a vf clun ride sometime, but be ready to go fast really fast, the kind that I don’t tell my wife about. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Nice looking fe, i think honda really did the business when they styled these bike, red white and blue is a particular favourite although the other colour combo’s look well too.