My restored 70's Ped

Apart from my fetish for 80’s Honda’s i am also into Mopeds.Did any of you guy’s have one of these in your youth.I spent 2 years nearly restoring this at a cost of £2500.She is lovely to ride.I have three re-built motors for it in case it goes bang.At the moment it is running a special 75cc Metra kit big bore and on the Dyno puts out 9 bhp at the back wheel which gives just shy of 70mph if its not windy.
Its so small and light compared the big VF’s but i did more miles on this last year than anything else.

I remember the puch’s in JPS style colours in the late 1970’s but dont remember the pedals on them, is this model that puch got right but just a little too late? before being restricted, even though I had a FS1E I always thought these were a far better looking ped, a mate used to have an ealier Puch, the one with the peanut tank and in bright yellow, he always had the piss took out of him, I am myself up to my neck in restoring FS1E tanks and panel sets for people, at moment I have about 5 or 6 FS1E tanks, 1 SS50, and a CB175 on the go, and struggling to get the VF in! Phil.

Wow!! I remember em! mag wheels, black and gold paintjob, even a tail cowling! So much more stylish and ‘racy’ for a teenager than the fizzie, but a tad expensive. I can smell the 2-stroke from here!

Very impressive! I had a Puch MS50D if anyone remembers those. Not at all stylish or cool but it got me started. I took it to the races at Olivers Mount in Scarborugh where I reckoned it was the slowest bike there!