my vf 1000

Hi, some pics of my ratty vf cleaned up, then progressing to almost finished. needs the v four decal on tomorrow and new tyres, they are good treads but 10 years old.

Hi, the pics of my bike are not in order, it started with a ratty bike with a box of bits, the first pic is the bike stripped and cleaned , touched up, new exhausts etc , it has had lots of ebay parts plus some new, it is bookesd in for a full carb tune on the dyno in Malton north yorkshire, new pipes will cause fueling probs so they will be stripped cleaned and rejetted, hopefully run at 400 bhp then…lol

Looking good now, I love the polished rims, who did those for you?

Very neat bike! What brand of muffler are they?

Hi guys, thanks for the approval, the rims just polished up with solvol and a plastic finishing pad used for rubbing down paint work then a soft cloth, just kept rubbing and they got better and better.
The end cans are pipewerx. 4 into 2 they are based in the uk , I am very happy with the exhaust tone , I had these on my zzr1200 but put the standard ones back on to see what these would sound like, they are staying on now, it sounds a bit like an RC 30 when opend up, they come with removable baffles but these bikes are quiet compared to in line 4s so I dont have baffles in, the bike is now being re jetted at dynobike to make the most of the pipes. Dont know what I am to do now as this was supposed to keep me occupied over the winter so maybe I need to look at another project ( wife willing )

I’d be interested to hear what they end up doing to the carb jetting when you get it back, I have to go down that road myself shortly, does it have a stock air filter?

Hi planty, I will post the results so you can get a handle on what worked for my vf,Im not wanting superbike performance , just a smooth running vf, I have my zzr if I want to go fast.
Just looked at yours,WOW you have just built a brand new bike by the looks, good job mate.

planty see owners lounge for results of dyno.