my vf with a seat cowl fitted

Got a seat cowl off ebay, didnt come with hardware so had to do some fabricating but im well pleased with the results,rattle can spray job is fine,but took me 2 goes to get the white right, it has a look of 80s prody racer I think and it goes much faster with the cowl on!

click the link below to see on bucket and hit slide show.

hi intruder,

bike looks well with the seat cowl, those things are getting harder and harder to find these days.

Looks really good. ;D

Thanks for the replies guys.
I looked on ebay for ever trying to spot one.
mostly an american thing and very expensive, thought bike is nice anyway but thought it would make it a bit different with cowl fitted. I paid £60 for the privilage and then had to paint it and fit it without the proper kit, but yes very pleased with it. just sold my 1983 gpz1100 unitrak today for a £1000 profit,£2750 sale price, I wont sell my vf but I am looking for another project to fix up, seems like there are alot of people wanting born again classics out there so why not make a little cash out of a hobby.

@Intruder: that looks really well mate.

I love that decal kit, did you get that yourself is is it OEM?

I’d like to get a red Interceptor decal kit for my VF.