My vf1000fe with cbr wheels now fitted

I would like to thank Bif for his help and guidance in this project.
Was going to buy the kit from USA but Bif has helped make this conversion easy and much cheaper. I have no problem with keeping old bikes original ,However just standing next to it with the modern wheels and tyres with the width on the back has just made the bike drop a couple of decades and now looks as though it will go faster than before with hopefully less dodgy fast corners, lets face it normal roads are not as smooth as a track and those 16 inch front wheels dont like hitting even the smallest pebble, pot hole ,dead bird or hedge hog without threatening a bit of a slapper.
If anyone is interested, the ss gp style pipes went straight on without touching the carbs as the bike was running a bit rich to start so the easiest way to get an rc30 growl when the revs come in money can buy, and the crackle and pop on shut off is moto gp like! not that that sort of thing grabs my interest!! :grin:
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First ride out on Vf with new wheels and I must say it is well worth doing.
Handling is 10 times better. Went straight through mot no advisory.

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I see you have gone for(in my opinion)good tyres too,that makes a huge difference.
Radial tyres vs cross ply no contest

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Hi Bif,
Yes the tyres will have made a huge difference in the way the bike feels, it is no longer bouncing its front end back up in ridiculous rebound, and leaning over is quick but very precise, very predictable, it has really made a positive difference to this bike. Like I said in the previous post, keeping original is great but if you can make it look better , ride safer and improve the riding experience then a few changes have got to be a good thing??
My local bike shop who MOT’d it said that the changes were done well and that you (bif) knows his stuff! so well done mate you have improved my bike and put a smile on my face and earned a star from a bunch of guys that are normally tight lipped when it comes to praise!!
Stay safe we are nearly out.

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Looks great.
So what do I need apart from the wheels?
Sprocket carrier

I have a 750with a 1000 motor/ project endurance racer / money pit but I’m getting there.

Regards John

Hi Bud, thanks for the words.
If the rolling parts are the same as the 1000 frame then you will need …
cbr 600 wheels, sprocket carrier and sprocket, rear bushings made up, rear brake caliper mount from a honda earo 400, and the earo 400 twin piston rear brake calliper. The earo calliper hanger needs to be bored out to suit the 20mm axle. There maybe more on the rear and I dont know what the differences might mean because you are using the 750 fram etc.
Front end needs a set of bearings to take the front axle into the cbr front wheel (different diameter wheel hub! The speedo drive needs a 2mm skim off it and the tangs in the wheel need to be flattened out to fit it on the cbr wheel easy.
The front brakes remain the same as standard vf ( The discs and callipers are used from vf and go straight onto the cbr front) (the rear disc has to be a cbr early nineties 600 f2 same as the wheel). bushing needed at front also.
An off set front sprocket was fitted to mine which allows for a 170 tyre.
There might be more and I could not have done this without the sound knowledge and help from Bif but the end result is brill!
( you will need to check axle size as the 750 may differ)
Good luck.

I have a kit for sale,the 750 uses the same parts as the 1k f model.
Pm me if you’re interested
Regards Bif


Could you send me some photos of the kit via WhatsApp?
Anyone selling a seat cowl to fit a 750f?

Regards John

It’s basically a pile of spacers,I would need an exchange part for the speedo drive,sprocket carrier and brake caliper mounting bracket.
I can dig the parts out and photograph,but it will be the weekend before I have time.
I will also have a seat cowl somewhere,I can photograph it too

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Does anyone body have a VF1000F2 wiring diagram they could send me.

Regards John