My VF1000FF

Hi all,

After a looking out for a thou since summer I finally bought this one from Bradford last week. Smooth, quiet, stops and goes well. To do: Check valve clearances and change (brown!) coolant, check carbs.

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Hi Andy,
That’s a cracking looking vf, I’m sure it will fetch you many hours of enjoyment, I noticed from your other
Post your from the Morley area, it’s a small world, I’m from just down the M1 in Barnsley , do you ever get over to squires ?

Hi pete,

Occasionally get over to squires, I believe Thusdays are unofficial classic night so I will be doing a few of those when the weather improves a bit.

Hi Andy.
Yes… there’s normally a good turn out at squires on the Thursday classic evenings… I tend to drop in a few times over the summer…
We have in the past had a sort of pre season vf1000 get together there… not sure if that’ will happen this year as the Scotland trip is quite early…

Okey Dokey Pete, I’ll keep a lookout!

Very nice mate, looks like it rolled out of the showroom yesterday.

Eyup ascalon, photos slightly hide the rougher bits. She’s been tarted up a bit in the past but also plenty of money spent as well. I will be sorting a few things out over winter so she should be good for next year. Bif was quite complimentary when we swapped bikes at Hulme end the other week so I’m quite happy with that:grin::grin: