My VF1000R restoration project

Here’s some pictures of my 1985 version I just bought. Will be an interesting rebuild.


a fab little piece of history with this sticker that someone put on the fork

A lot work to do … Will you put it back to original rims? The tank looks like someone repainted it not having the decals for it.

Good luck, I guess you will need it.

I am hoping that at some point I can put some original rims back on it, I’d like to get it looking as close to factory as possible. Yeah I hadn’t realised for a couple of days after I got it that the tank had miss match decals but that will be sorted once the tanks repaired and repainted with all the other panel work.

I haven’t fallen off the globe, gone round the bend maybe :rofl:

The old girl is starting to come back together, test fits etc.
PXL_20201112_164408239.MP PXL_20201112_164428117.MP PXL_20201112_164444131.MP

Yes that is one of those rare battery tray inserts, found it in Japan :upside_down_face:

And I have my fairings back from paint :heart_eyes:

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Taking shape and looking good :+1:

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Looking very nice indeed

If you cut the threads into the tank, bei very careful. Do not go into too deep. If you (accidently) lift the mounting plate, gas finds its way under the paint. The length of the thread is only the thickness of this plate.

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I have some new screws and a new cap as we had to drill the cap off.