Nearly there.

3 years of scouring the net for parts, putting right all the things that the previous rebuilder got wrong.
stripped the engine completely to replace the gearbox.
started to forget what the old girl looked like.
Fingers crossed that she will breath life in the next week or two

Well done Grommit,good to know another VF is well on the way to being on the road
Regards Bif

nice work gromit, another red, white and blue vf1000 nearly ready for the road.

Great to hear! I just got mine on the road this weekend!

She runs.
13 miles didn’t miss a beat, 1 minor oil leak and a sticky front brake caliper.
get the loose ends tied up and mot time

“Did 13 mile shake down trip now its off to the MOT ?” Surely you meant the other way round… ( officer ) :wink: :wink: :wink: